At JamesEdition, we’re constantly improving and developing our platform to enhance user experience, which is reflected in our promising site statistics: within the Cars category, data shows an 88% increase in leads over the last year.

Today, we are pleased to announce new implementations that will take both user experience and listing performance to the next level.

Improved Car Listing Guidelines

Why? JamesEdition’s platform changes will make it easier for users to access the exact type of cars they’re looking for, and locate listings more specific to the search criteria of their desired vehicle.

What? As of November 2022, we released the first batch of new guidelines in the Cars category.

Within the scope of these new rules, our platform allows listings for three distinctive car categories: luxury and exotic brands/models, classic cars, and high-value vehicles.

The new guidelines allow sellers to create listings for the following vehicle types:

  • Luxury car brands (Porsche, Lamborghini, Ferrari, etc.);

  • Top-tier models from typically mass-market brands (e.g. Dodge Challenger);

  • Classic car segment;

  • Vehicles priced at $35,000 or higher;

  • Price-on-request listings are still allowed as a blanket rule, with the caveat of occasional manual checks.

Prioritizing our Cars Category: What We’ve Done

Over the last few months, we’ve carried out several user experience improvements within the Cars category, and are pleased to have received significant growth in page performance mentioned above.

To deliver a better user experience we redesigned our main page, listings page, and search results page (SERP).

As a result, we have improved the conversion rate on these pages (and the listing page in particular), by better highlighting imagery and what makes each specific vehicle stand out.

New & Improved Cars Category

We’ve worked hard to make our Cars category as effective and high-performing as possible and the results speak for themselves.

While the platform performance grows, we’re proud to note that our prices to advertise remain the same and competitive in the market.

To get your listings online or upgrade to a higher package and benefit from additional promotions to get the most out of our platform please get in touch today:

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