You can Save your listing as a Draft if you want to continue working on it later or click the Save & Publish button to upload it immediately. You also have the option to Close Without Saving.

Draft saving automatically saves all of the data that you entered while you were creating your listing. You can save the listing by clicking the Save As Draft button.

Then, if your listing happens not to upload correctly or if you receive an error message while uploading or you simply want to continue working on it later, you will be able to restore your listing, for doing that simply start creating a new listing by clicking the Add Listing button, If you want to know how to upload listings, please refer to this article, and then click the Restore Draft button. Our system will repopulate the form with your saved data.

This feature prevents loss of data and time when re-uploading listings.

! Please note that you can only have one draft at a time. If you save one draft after another, without publishing it - you will only have the latest draft to restore.

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