It is possible to add a Matterport, My360 Virtual Tour, iGUIDE,, Nodalview, 3D vista, VIRTEA virtual tours to your listings on JamesEdition. Users can walk through the property and thereby experience every detail.

To add a virtual tour:

  1. Go to your Business Account and find the tab titled Listings.

  2. Click Listings to add a listing manually > Create new listing.

Note! If you need assistance with adding a listing, please refer to this article.

3. Complete the form and scroll down to the section titled Photos and Media.

4. Add a virtual tour using Matterport, My360 Virtual Tour, iGUIDE,, Nodalview, 3D vista, VIRTEA to your listings.

5. Click the Save & Publish button.

If you add listings automatically, you can simply add Matterport, iGuide, My360 Virtual Tour,, Nodalview, 3D vista or VIRTEA links to your feed, and they will be recognized and attached to your listings.

A virtual tour will be attached to your listing after it is uploaded and published. Then users can see it on a listing page, section In Detail.

Here you can learn more about what a listing page looks like. Сlicking the Virtual Tour button will open a 3D view of your property.

If your listing includes a 3D tour, a Virtual Tour Badge will be added to the listing. You can see the badge on the listing preview throughout the website.

To learn more about badges, please read this article.

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