It’s of the utmost importance to create high-quality listings to attract the attention of buyers. JamesEdition has implemented a system to measure listing quality; listing score, therefore, is based on the internal JamesEdition scoring model. Scores range from 0 to 100. Any score above 40 is considered an adequate listing. A listing with a score below 20 is automatically refused. Depending on the location where you operate/where your listings are, you can consider your listing good if it falls within the 60-80 range. Very few listings achieve a score of 90.

When determining the score, we take into consideration buyers’ past behaviors on JamesEdition; so, there is a natural correlation between your listing score and lead generation potential. Improving your listing score will increase your chances of getting a lead which will result in a sale.

A listing score affects where your listing will appear in search results. You get better visibility with a higher score.

You can improve your listing score by adding videos, more and better quality photos, and filling in important listing parameters. Below, you will find a detailed explanation of how to increase your listing score.

You can find the metric in your Business Account under the section Listings.

Note! Please bear in mind that, at the moment, scores are available only for real estate listings.

How can I increase a listing score?

When you consistently improve the listing, the score will gradually grow. In order to increase the score of your listings you can:

  1. Add a detailed description to the listing. An optimal description is more than 2K symbols. Buyers can use the amenities and features of your properties (sea view, pool, fireplace, etc.) to narrow down search results. We strongly recommend including amenities and features in your feed or listing descriptions (you can also select the amenities/features directly from JamesEdition, by editing the listing). Also, pay attention to the key important information about the listings, i.e. Number of Bedrooms, bathrooms, Living, and Land areas are mentioned inside your feed.

  2. When you create your listing, it’s very important to fill in all of the information requested. The more fields you complete, the higher the listing score is. If you need help with creating your listings, please refer to this article.

  3. Input either the exact address or at least the city of your listing. The more detailed the address is the more precise location we will show on the map. You can select/add/edit the location of the listing by entering the city/street address you want in the address line and choosing the correct option from the drop-down menu.

If you have an automatic integration, we receive the location information from your feed, so you can always correct it inside your feed or make manual changes from your JamesEdition account. We will prioritize your manual entered information over the feed.

4. You should include more than 13/15 high-quality pictures to increase the score. We recommend paying attention to the resolution of your photos, especially the cover photo. Cover photo dimensions should not be less than 1024X641 pixels (size - 299KB). There is no limit for the maximum dimension/resolution. All dimensions that fit the file of 20MB are acceptable. We want to highlight that 1024X641 pixels are the minimum recommended, feel free to use a higher resolution.

5. Also, it is beneficial to add YouTube or Vimeo videos and a Virtual tour (using Matterport, iGUIDE, My360 Virtual Tour,, Nodalview, 3D vista and VIRTEA) to your listings. If you want to add a virtual tour to your listings please refer to this article.

6. We support "mixed" (hybrid) integration - you can use your CRM for initial integration, and then edit listings manually on JamesEdition. If you choose this route, after your first manual update, we will start preferring manual input vs automatic updates, except for price and availability updates. Your listing will change status to manually edited. There will be a lock sign on the thumbnail of your listing as shown in the screenshot.

Using the tools that we provide, you will be able to maximize your listings’ visibility and scores.

That said, we are constantly learning, improving, and adapting our scoring model, so we can't give precise estimates of exactly how many changes that you make will impact your score.

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