You can add, edit, and view the statistics for your listings in your Business Account in the section titled Listings.

Under Listings, you can search for a particular listing by the listing ID, name, location, or agent.

You can choose to show all, published, not published, or refused listings.

If a listing is refused, you will see an explanation for why it was not published. Simply hover your computer mouse cursor over the small “i” icon.

For further information on what listings are not accommodated on JamesEdition, please read this article.

How do I add a listing?

  1. In your Business Account, go to the section titled Listings.
  2. Click the Add Listing button.
  3. Choose the option Add listing manually and click the Create New Listing button.

4. Select your listing category and fill in the form.

Note! There are two options for displaying the price: Show Price or Hide Price (Price on Request). Listings with hidden prices will be displayed as P.O.R (Price on Request), even if you fill in the price field. A P.O.R listing also will still be displayed in search results with price sorting and price filters, if the price is filled in.

5. Click Upload Photos to choose photos from your device. You can add photos as well as change their order by dragging and dropping them. The first photo will appear as the cover photo.

Note! Only use landscape-oriented (horizontal) pictures. JPG and PNG files are supported by our system, and the maximum file size is 20 MB.

You can also add YouTube or Vimeo videos and a 3D-tour using Matterport to your listings.

6. You can Save your listing as a Draft if you want to continue working on it later or click the Save & Publish button to upload it immediately. You also have the option to Close Without Saving.

Draft saving automatically saves all of the data that you entered while you were creating your listing. You can save the listing by clicking the Save As Draft button.

Then, if your listing happens not to upload correctly or if you receive an error message while uploading or you simply want to continue working on it later, you will be able to restore your listing by clicking the Restore Draft button. Our system will repopulate the form with your saved data.

This feature prevents loss of data and time when re-uploading listings.

7. After your listing is saved, it will be sent to the moderators. In the meantime, you can click the Preview Listing button to view the listing in your browser.

Note! Please remember that you can only upload Cars and Real Estate listings to a newly opened Business Account. For all other categories, kindly use the old format of uploading listings manually.

How do I edit a listing?

  1. Click on the listing that you want to edit. It will open in a popup window.

2. Click the Edit Listing tab.

3. Implement the necessary changes.

4. Click the Update Listing button.

5. It also is possible to Publish or Unpublish your listing from here and to open it in your browser by clicking the small round button the the arrow.

How do I see the statistics for a listing?

  1. Сlick on the listing for which you want to view statistics. It will open in a popup window.

2. In the Statistics tab, you can choose to view statistics for the past 7, 30, or 90 days or even for all time. In our timeline charts, you can aggregate data by the day, week, or month. Next to the time range selector, there is a button that allows you to export your report as a CSV. Please bear in mind that the CSV report takes several minutes to load; so, after clicking the button, please be patient and the download will begin shortly thereafter. Two views are available in the dashboard: Overview and Detailed Metrics. Below, we will take a look at each category separately.


This is a snapshot of your performance for the time period that you selected earlier. In the Overview, you will find the most important metrics that reflect how potential buyers interacted with your listings. Here you can check your number of Pageviews, Listing Saves, Business Page Clicks, and Leads.

  • Pageviews - the number of times your listing was viewed.
  • Listing Saves - the number of times your listing was saved.
  • Business Page Clicks - the number of times the link to your Business Page was clicked on the listing.
  • Leads - the number of inquiries and calls your listing generated.

Detailed Metrics

Here you can see graphs for all of the metrics mentioned above, plus Time on Listing Page, Minutes (the average amount of time users spent viewing the listing), and Pageviews by Country (the number of times the listing was viewed in your top 5 countries).

  • Time on Listing Page - we focus on presentation and highlight the beautiful materials that our business users create. Consequently, listings are exceptionally engaging and prospective buyers spend a great deal of time viewing them.
  • Pageviews by Country - as we are a global portal, it's worth seeing which users from which countries a particular listing attracts the most.

If you want to see how all of your listings are performing in general, please refer to this article.

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