Badges make navigating the listings on our website easier and more delightful. Our beautiful badges indicate recent listing categorizations. Five types of badges can be seen on JamesEdition listing thumbnails: New, Trending, Camera icon, Editor’s choice and Virtual Tour. You can see them not only on real estate listings, but also throughout the website.

  • New - means the listing was created recently (i.e., not more than 7 days ago).

  • Trending - means the listing has attracted significant attention. Listings with these badges fall within the top 0.2% of the most popular listings on the site for the past 30 days.

  • Camera icon - means the listing contains a video about the property. You can watch the video by clicking on the listing.

  • Editor’s choice - means the listing has been chosen to feature in social media or placed in a featured position on the website. If the listing was put in a high visibility or featured position from May 2020 onwards, it receives the Editor’s choice badge automatically. Our editorial team also selects listings that deserve this badge from our articles/newsletters and social media posts; in these cases, the badge subsequently will be added by our IT team. If the listing has been featured as an Editor’s Choice once, it will have the badge permanently.

  • Virtual tour - means a listing contains 3D view about the property. You can walk through and experience it in every detail by clicking on the listing. We currently support Matterport, iGUIDE , My360 Virtual Tour,, Nodalview, 3D vista and VIRTEA.

If you have any other questions please feel free to contact our Customer Team for further assistance.

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