The examples below will demonstrate why it is important to fill as many parameters as possible when adding your listings; we will show you what buyers see when they view your listings. The first things that buyers see are the Location, Number of bedrooms/bathrooms, Living area, For sale by, and Company logo presented logically and intuitively. Buyers also can contact sellers or save listings by clicking the Contact Agent and Save buttons.

If you scroll the listing page down below, you will see features such as Amenities and Building Info. To add Amenities to your listing, we automatically scan the headline and description, and you can manually add Building Info while creating your listing.

Note! Try to write your description as a plain text, avoid columns, lists etc. It then will be easier for our system to scan your description and extract any amenities.

There are two ways to create a listing on JamesEdition: Manually and Automatically.

Buyers can easily find the Location of your listing on the map which displays by default. You can zoom the map in and out to see the exact location of the listing.

Then if you scroll down the page a bit further, you will see a section labeled Contact Agent with the agent’s headshot and name, along with a field where potential buyers can enter their names and email addresses and send you an inquiry by clicking the Send Message button; or, they can give you a call by clicking the Show phone number link.

If you do not yet know how to add agents to your listings, please refer to this article.

The last section you will see is labeled For Sale By with your company name, logo, and full address.

You can see how to add a logo to your listing in this article.

Please bear in mind that listings look different depending upon your subscription level. The above listing is an example of a listing created with an Elite and Premium subscription. With a Classic subscription, it is not possible to add a logo, but you can add agents. A Free subscription does not include logos or agents, but other features are available.

Every listing page also includes a You Might Also Like section, where potential buyers can see listings similar to the types they have already searched for. And, if you have an Elite and Premium subscription, only your listings will be displayed in this section.

Please contact our customer team if you have any questions.

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