The examples below will demonstrate why it is important to fill as many parameters as possible when adding your listings; we will show you what buyers see when they view your listings. The first things that buyers see are:

  1. Location

  2. Number of bedrooms/bathrooms, Living area

  3. Lot area, Price per sqm

  4. Company logo

  5. Agent's name and headshot

  6. Buyers can contact sellers by clicking the Send message button

  7. And save listings by clicking the Save button

If you scroll the listing page down below, you will see such sections as In Detail, Features, Price Insights, Ask a Question, Explore the Area, About the Building, Listed by, You Might Also Like, New Listings in the region you are interested in, Recently Viewed and Explore More Homes for Sale.

There are two ways to create a listing on JamesEdition: Manually and Automatically.

Section In Detail shows all the current available media we have for the listing. You can open photos in gallery, watch the video or a virtual tour, and find the listing on the map.

Adding a Virtual Tour to your listing is a useful thing. We support Matterport, iGUIDE, My360 Virtual Tour,, Nodalview, 3D vista and VIRTEA.

Сicking the Virtual Tour button will open a 3D view of the property.

Section Features shows the amenities your listing provides.

Section Price Insights is a data on the listing page that allows to compare a property's price with with the median one on the market. For more information please refer to this article.

You can ask seller a question in section Ask a Question.

Explore the Area section allows you to open the listing on Google maps.

About the Building section shows the information about the property.

Section Listed by provided the information about the seller.

Every listing page also includes a You Might Also Like section, where potential buyers can see listings similar to their previous searches. And, if you have an Elite subscription, only your listings will be displayed in this section.

Section New Listings allows you to see new listngs in the region you are interested in.

In sections Recently Viewed and Explore More Homes for Sale you can find listings you were browsing lately and find more listings you potentially might be intereted in.

Then if you scroll down the page a bit further, you will see agent’s headshot and name, along with a field where potential buyers can enter their names and email addresses and send you an inquiry by clicking the Send Message button; or, they can give you a call by clicking the Show phone number link.

If you do not yet know how to add agents to your listings, please refer to this article. You can see how to add a logo to your listing in this article. For more information on how to potential buyers can contact you, please refer to this article.

Listing page gallery has been updated with a fresh design, placing all types of content for your listings in an easy view.

Buyers can now get a look at all your photos with ease using grid view. We have also added simple access to video and virtual tour right from the image gallery. High-quality images have proven to be the single most important factor to drive interest for a property and now your content will be displayed in the best way possible.

You can open the gallery by clicking the View photos button, or from the section In Detail.

You can switch between tabs to see photos, videos, or virtual tours of the property. It is also possible to see its location on the map.

There is also direct access to share and save buttons so that potential buyers could easily interact with your listings.

Note! Please keep in mind that in Real Estate section there is only Elite subscription available. However, if you are advertising in other categories you still can have Classic, Premium, or Elite subscription.

Please contact our customer team if you have any questions, or book a meeting with us here.

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