After registering on JamesEdition, each seller receives an office page. The link to your office page will look like this If you are not yet registered, please read this article to learn how you can start advertising your listings with us. With an Elite subscription (our best package), your office page contains:

  1. Company name
  2. Full company address
  3. Website URL
  4. Company logo and background cover
  5. Opportunity for potential buyers to contact you by clicking Send Message or Show phone number buttons.

Below, you will find three tabs: Listings, Agents, and About. Under the Listings tab, all of your listings will be displayed with our logo and the assigned agent’s headshot.

JamesEdition gives you two ways to add your listings: manually and automatically .

Note! If you did not choose a background logo, our system will select the first image from your first listing and place it as your cover.

You can see how to add your desired logo here.

Under the Agents tab will appear a list of all your agents with their names and headshots.

Please read this article to learn how you can add agents to your listings.

Under the About tab, there will be a full description of your company.

If you want to add a company description, please refer to this article.

With our other subscription levels, features for the office vary. With a Premium subscription, you have almost all of the same features as the Elite subscription, except for a company URL and background cover. With a Classic subscription, you receive Agents and About tabs and the inclusion of your full address but no branding. And, with a Free subscription, you have a basic page with your company name and location. For more information, please contact our customer team, and we’ll be happy to assist you further.

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