JamesEdition offers extra advertising options to increase your visibility, and we can suggest prominent positions on the website that will maximize your listings’ exposure. Your listings can be highlighted on social media, on our main page, and on category pages as well. Here are some of the available options:

  • Rotating Gallery Home Page
  • Rotating Gallery Real Estate Page
  • New and Trending
  • Social Media Post
  • Newsletter Featuring
  • Featured Story in the Journal

Note! Please bear in mind that these positions are limited and subject to approval by our editorial team. Please review our media kit for more information.

The Rotating Gallery is a carousel of selected listings that automatically changes every 5 seconds.

The prices are the following:

  • Slot 1-2 - 1,200€ monthly
  • Slot 3-4 - 1,000€ monthly
  • Slot 5-6 - 800€ monthly

If you want to add your listings to our Rotating Gallery Home Page, please contact our sales team, or book a meeting with us here.

Our Real Estate category also offers a Rotating Gallery of listings. Prices are as follows:

  • Real Estate slot 1-2 - 1,000€ monthly
  • Real Estate slot 3-4 - 800€ monthly
  • Real Estate slot 5-6 - 600€ monthly

For more information on displaying your listings here, please contact your account manager.

A selection of featured listings on both the Home Page and Real Estate page, New and Trending items also are subject to approval by our editorial team. Your listings can be featured on a New and Trending page while simultaneously appearing in our Rotating Galleries. New and Trending prices are the following:

  • New & Trending Homepage - 1,000€ monthly
  • New & Trending Real Estate - 800€ monthly

For more information, please contact our sales team, or book a meeting with us here.

Social Media Post

You can publish your listings on our social media channels: Instagram (81.8K subscribers. Average engagement rate is 1.5%, and average engagement reach rate is 6.9%. Average reach per post is 29.282%), Twitter (7.07K subscribers), or Facebook (32.02K subscribers). The price of social media advertising is 250€ per post.

Please contact our sales team for more information.

Newsletter Featuring

You can feature your listings in a journal story (described below) or in our weekly newsletter. Newsletters attract very high quality traffic, in terms of user behavior. We have nearly 185,811 subscribers and a 29.18% open rate. You can choose either the Top Position (10-15% click rate) or Middle Positions (1st Middle Position: 3-5% click rate; 2nd Middle Position: 1.5-2% click rate). We also can run a Dedicated Campaign for your listings for 5,000€. With a Dedicated Campaign, the entire newsletter is devoted to your listings.

Prices are as follows:

  • Top Position - 1,500€ per post
  • Medium Position - 900€ per post
  • Dedicated Campaign - 5,000€

Please contact our sales team, or book a meeting with us here.

Newsletter Top Position

Newsletter Middle Position

Featured Story in the Journal

A Featured Story is an article that we publish on our website. Articles are evergreen content; they do not lose their relevance and provide constant coverage for a new audience. Articles receive organic promotion on JamesEdition. Depending upon the content, an article typically receives 500-800 views during its first month online. (Some articles have received 1000 views - even without promotion.) The average time that viewers spend on an article page exceeds 2 minutes. This indicates that article views come from the most loyal and engaged users.

Our articles are SEO-optimized. This means that they achieve the maximum organic reach on Google. Depending upon the topic, articles attract, on average, 300-800 users per month (Top 5 articles may attract 2000 per month, but we cannot guarantee that.). You can view an example of a JamesEdition article here.

Sellers who wish to purchase article space also receive listing placements in our newsletter (described above). Your article may bring you, on average, 2000-3500 views during its first month online. Successful articles may attract 4000-6000 views; but, article success completely depends upon your content, so we cannot promise specific results. The price of an article is as follows:

  • Newsletter top + article - 2,500€ per post/article
  • Article - 1,000€

For more information on how you can publish your article on our website, please contact your account manager, or book a meeting with us here.

You can also check our media kit for more information.

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