We moderate all written inquiries that we receive before forwarding them to our sellers. When a potential buyer sends an inquiry concerning a particular property, their message first goes to our team of moderators. If you are interested in learning how buyers can send inquiries, please refer to this article.

When we receive inquiries, we check and moderate them to avoid scammers and spammers (i.e., people sending multiple inquiries with no intention to buy). We scan the messages to ensure the tone is not rude or offensive. We also cross-check the details of the sender with information in our database of blocked senders: a resource that we have created over more than a decade of marketing high-end items. People who are blocked can send no further inquiries through our website.

If an inquiry appears credible and appropriate, we forward it to you. Inquiries will be sent to your account email address and also to your agent’s email address if there is an agent assigned to your listing. If you wish to add agents to your listings please read this article.

You can find all your leads in the section Inbox of your Business account.

If you click on the message, you will see the following:

  1. Listing details

  2. Buyer's contact details

  3. And you can reply to the buyer via email.

How can I add a secondary email for leads?

You also can add a secondary email address where you can receive leads if you want to control all of your agents’ leads, or you can route leads to your internal lead-tracking system. To add an alternative email for leads:

  1. Go to your Business account section Company.

2. Scroll down to Contact Information and Enter your Secondary leads email address.

3. Click the Save button.

When you receive an inquiry, you can contact the prospective buyer via the contacts they provided and negotiate details directly with them. If you have any questions about inquiries or leads, please contact us.

Potential buyers may give you a call as well. Your phone number is available in the contact form.

Note! Please take into account that the phone number in your listing may differ from your personal phone number because we use call tracking to ensure that you don't miss a single opportunity via JamesEdition. More information about our call tracking system is available in this article.

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