It is important to build trust between your company and potential buyers. Therefore, some subscription types allow you to add agents to your listings. Adding agents’ names and photos to your listings gives them a personal touch and helps you to win over customers.

You can add agent details with Elite subscription.

Note! Please keep in mind that in Real Estate section there is only Elite subscription available. However, if you are advertising in other categories you still can have Classic, Premium or Elite subscription.

If you upload your listings via feed, agents will automatically be assigned to your listings. The feed will indicate which agent will be added to which listing. If no agents appear in your feed, please contact your CRM provider.

If you upload your listings manually, you can add agents yourself. Here you can find out how to create agent and admin profiles in your account.

  1. Go to section Listings in your Business account

  2. Click Add Listing button

  3. Then choose option Add Listing Manually and click Create New Listing button

Scroll the page to the section Responsible agent and simply choose a property agent from the drop-down list while creating your listing.

How are agents shown on my listings?

With an Elite subscription agent's headshot will appear on your listing as well as in search results pages

Elite: Listing page

Elite: Search results page

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