If you want to advertise items that belong to you personally, you can create a Private Seller Account on JamesEdition. You can do this by simply following this link, or on the main page if you scroll down to the bottom and then go to JamesEdition > About > Listing on JamesEdition > Are you a Private Seller? > Click here.

Note! Creating a buyer account will not allow you to advertise listings and actually will block you from registering a Private Seller Account, if you use the same email address. To reiterate, please note that, if you already have a buyer account on JE but want to list items as well, you will need to create a separate account with a different email address or with the same email but "+xxx." For example, if your buyer account is "james@gmail.com" you could create a private seller account using "james+seller@gmail.com". All emails still will be directed to the primary email account that you registered: "james@gmail.com".

After clicking one of the relevant links leading to the Private Seller Account set up page, you will need to complete the form and afterwards click the register as a Private Seller button.

Now that you successfully have logged into your new, Private Seller Account on JamesEdition, you will be able to upload listings and publish them as a Private Seller. To learn how to create a listing, please read this article.

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