If you want to advertise items that belong to you personally, you can create a Private Seller Account on JamesEdition. You can do this via our main page by scrolling down to the section For Business > Sell with us. Click it and scroll down again to the section Buying and Selling and clicking on Private Sellers.

Or you can simply follow this link.

Note! Creating a buyer account will not allow you to advertise listings and actually will block you from registering a Private Seller Account, if you use the same email address. To reiterate, please note that, if you already have a buyer account on JE but want to list items as well, you will need to create a separate account with a different email address or with the same email but "+xxx." For example, if your buyer account is "james@gmail.com" you could create a private seller account using "james+seller@gmail.com". All emails still will be directed to the primary email account that you registered: "james@gmail.com".

After clicking one of the relevant links leading to the Private Seller Account set up page, you will need to complete the form and afterwards click the register as a Private Seller button.

Now that you successfully have logged into your new, Private Seller Account on JamesEdition, you will be able to upload listings and publish them as a Private Seller. To learn how to create a listing, please read this article.

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