We've launched a new performance dashboard. It's much more interactive and loads faster. We’ll still keep your old reports, until we know that you are happy with the new system.


Now you can see your statistics in the Dashboard section of your JamesEdition account. There are two dashboard views. The first is the Performance Summary view where you can see the following metrics: page views, connections, and leads. You can also set a time range from 7 up to 90 days.

Simply hover the cursor over the small “i” button to read the description of the Performance Summary.

The second view is Performance over time. Here you can see graphs showing the stats for page views, connections, and leads over time (7, 30, or 90 days).

To read the description of this view, simply hover the cursor over the small “i” button.


We will keep your old reports, until we know you are happy with the new dashboard. You can see your old reports in your account https://www.jamesedition.com/admin/offices/reporting under the section Reports.

You can also view your statistics for the past 12 months. Using the Reports feature, you can track:

  • Total page views (Total number of views. Repeat views of a single page are included.)
  • Average time on page (The average amount of time spent viewing a specific page.)
  • Total number of visitors
  • Number of inquiries received
  • Top visiting countries

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