Some listings may receive fewer page views and leads than others. What may be the reasons for this, and how can you fix them?

Listing quality

Quality listings garner more attention and trust from potential buyers because they are attractive and eye-catching.

Some tips to improve your listings:

  1. Add high-quality pictures. We recommend horizontal pictures and allow only JPG and PNG files. The maximum supported file size is 20 MB. We do not recommend using watermarks as they can diminish the quality of your listings. When taking pictures of real estate, ensure that homeowners keep the surfaces (e.g., coffee tables, desks, etc.) as clear as possible. If you want to retain some decorative items for aesthetic appeal, include only 1-3 items.
  2. Add more information in the description. A well-written and coherent description can improve the quality of your listing, but do not make it too long; verbose descriptions can be difficult to read. Always include useful information for international buyers (e.g., distances to airports and nearby facilities).
  3. Add more details. These details can cover the number of bathrooms, bedrooms, and unique facts about the property and the land area.

Visibility on the site

The primary way for buyers to find properties on JamesEdition is via our site search engine, and being at the top of search results is the most effective way to generate more page views and leads for your listings.

If the competition from other agents in your region is fierce, the best way to secure the topmost position in search results would be to upgrade your subscription. The default sorting order on JamesEdition is based on the account type; Elite listings supersede Premium and Premium listings rank higher than standard listings. Feel free to contact us for more subscription information.

Another popular way for buyers to discover properties is via the similar listings section on a listing’s page. Similar listings appear based upon their relevance and often will include other agencies’ properties along with your listings. Premium and Elite subscriptions, however, allow you to limit views to only your listings in this section. Contact us to find out more about this feature.

Note! Please keep in mind that in Real Estate section there is only Elite subscription available. However, if you are advertising in other categories you still can have Classic, Premium or Elite subscription.

A further option is to input the exact address or the GPS coordinates of your property when you create a listing. If you add these details, the listing will be displayed in its precise location on the map and have a distinct identity. If no specific address is included with your listing, your property will simply appear at the city closest to it on the map, along with other listings without a defined address within the same general area. So, it is beneficial to include an address or GPS coordinates to distinguish your listing and show its exact location on the map.


International property purchases are delicate by nature, and buyers from other countries need to be assured of the seller’s trustworthiness before instigating contact. We encourage you to include as many trust generating points as possible.

These could include:

  • Company logo. Show that your company is an established, reliable brand by adding your logo to your listings across the website.
  • Agent profile. Show that you and your agents are real people by including your names and photos on your listings - both on the listing page and in search results.
  • Company location. Add the full location of your office, so that buyers can find you on maps, read reviews, and include you in their next scheduled visit.
  • Company description. Tell buyers about the history and mission of your agency on your company’s page on JamesEdition. Don’t forget to include your logo here as well.
  • Company website. Add a link to your website where you can elaborate even more on what sets apart your agency.

All of these features are available at varying subscription levels. Contact us, or book a meeting with us to learn more about all of our distinctive subscriptions.

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