JamesEdition provides the user with two options for contacting the seller of a listing. Users can either write a message via the inquiry form or call the seller directly.

We employ call tracking to ensure that you don't miss a single opportunity via JamesEdition. That's why, on your listings, you will notice a phone number that is different from the one that you provided in your settings. Please don't be alarmed; we redirect all calls to your personal number.

When potential buyers dial the number in your listing, their calls are directed to the responsible sales representative.

Call tracking allows us to generate a number for each user, which represents the unique seller-buyer relationship. This number is only available for one user and enables us to track not only browsing behavior but also to follow purchase decision.

Why is call tracking a good thing for sellers?

  • We route calls to several numbers (in case your sales representatives are engaged with other clients) to increase the speed of response.

  • We track calls to provide better statistics.

  • We send information about answered calls to let you generate insights for your business and not to lose customers.

  • We send notifications about missed calls.

  • We provide a browsing history of the buyer to assess their level of intent.

How does it work?

  1. Why does the number change? The dynamic number allocation allows us automatically to generate a different number for every user. This number is saved for each individual user to track information regarding the unique user-listing relationship. Every number is directly connected to your originally submitted number, and the call will be automatically forwarded to your phone number.

  2. Why do I have a different country code? Call tracking service is not available in every country. To make call tracking available to you, we may need to allocate another country’s phone number for your listing. This does not, however, adversely affect your calls; neither does it create any costs for you nor for the user.

  3. What happens if the user attempts to call me back at a later time? The number is saved for 30 days after the user makes their first call to you.

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