We understand the importance of highlighting your brand and the trustworthiness of your company, especially in an international trade environment. In addition to each company having a dedicated Business page on JamesEdition, some subscription types allow you to display your logo to increase your credibility for potential buyers.   

There are three types of logo: a company logo and a Page Cover which are displayed on your business page.

and a listing logo which is displayed on the listing page and in search results.

Listing page

Search results

Logo requirements:

  1. We accept only JPG files
  2. Company and Listing logo: 200*80px (recommended size)
  3. Page Cover logo: 1920*1080px (recommended size)
  4. Agent photo: for Real Estate 256*256px; for other categories 100*130px (recommended size)

If you want to add a logo to your listings or switch to a higher subscription, please contact us to receive information on our subscription offers. Learn how you can increase the visibility of your listings here.

To be able to add logos you should have a Premium or Elite account. 

  1. Go to your Business account on JamesEdition, section Company and scroll down to Branding.
  2. Here you can add a Cover Page, Company logo and Listing logo.
  3. Just click on Upload Image and choose the file on your computer; or you can also drag and drop it.

Note! Cover page is displayed only in Elite account.

With Premium account you still can add it, but it will not be shown on your Business page.

Note! Please keep in mind that in Real Estate section there is only Elite subscription available. However, if you are advertising in other categories you still can have Classic, Premium or Elite subscription.

To know more about other available settings of your account please read this article.

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