How does JamesEdition Moderation work?

At JamesEdition, we care a great deal about the quality of our listings. We want to be sure the expectations of our affluent buyers match reality; and, therefore, carefully filter all items listed on the website.

Moderation also helps sellers to improve their listings and attract even more buyers.

Our moderation rules

We constantly monitor our rules, edit them, and add new ones. Without diving into minute technical details, here is a general overview of our rules.

We don't allow:

  • Listings that contain copyright infringement

  • Listings that include fewer than 2 images

  • Listings that contain images with text

  • Listings with contact information in the description

  • Listings with faces in the images

  • Properties priced below $500,000 (As a general rule. Price floor may differ per location.). Applicable to Real Estate listings only.

  • Commercial properties

  • Sold properties

What happens if a listing is declined?

When you create a listing, it is moderated automatically. Normally, moderation takes a few minutes. If a listing meets all the requirements, it will appear online. If it does not correspond to any of the criteria mentioned above, you will receive a notification for why the listing was refused. You can see all notifications in your account section Listings.

Depending on the reason, you will need to edit the listing as described in this article or update your feed, if you uploaded the listing automatically

As soon as you update your listing, it will be moderated again; and, if you have eliminated the refusal reason, you can view your listing online.  

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